Dr. Ouellette is available for consultation services reviewing pre purchase clinical exams and lameness files and radiographs from across the US and overseas.

Pre-purchase Exams

Dr. Ouellette often works with clients from out of town that are purchasing horses. She reviews existing clinical exams and any digital imaging via email and can give you an unbiased report that can help you make an informed decision on the purchase of a horse.


EEVS Pre-Purchase ExamsLameness examinations use a combination of history from the owner, visual examination of the horse in motion, musculoskeletal palpation and manipulation, diagnostic nerve blocks and variably using advanced imaging diagnostics (Digital Radiography, Digital Ultrasonography, Nuclear Scintigraphy and MRI) to determine the source of pain or decreased performance in the equine athlete.

Having a secondary Equine Veterinarian reviewing the case is often a good way to get the best possible solution for your horses particular lameness issue. As one of only 90 active ABVP Equine Practice Specialists in the US, Dr. Ouellette is often called on to review difficult lameness cases.

Have any questions? Please email sylvia@eliteequinevets.com for more information.