To all friends and clients of EEVS – Dr. Sylvia Ouellette had to undergo emergency shoulder surgery yesterday. Even though the surgery went well, the next several weeks she is under doctor’s orders to greatly limit her activities, including driving and working.

Our affiliates, Dr. Cathy Canfield and Dr. Don Shields, will be available for any emergencies and time-sensitive procedures you may have, just call our office to schedule.

If you have something that you need Dr. Ouellette to attend to, please be aware that her availability is very limited and you may have to wait to get an in-the-field consultation. Please call our office to discuss with Jessica, our Office Manager, what procedures can be scheduled, and when.

All of us here at EEVS will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. But, we also want to do everything we can to help Sylvia recover properly and completely so that we all can have her back practicing the best Equine Medicine in SoCal!